I was going to post this at 1am last night, but my internet was being stupid..so here you go.

Wow. Happy 10 year anniversary Wongfu. Phil, Ted, Wesley, I remember watching “POSER!” for the first time and just thinking “wow, these guys are going somewhere”. 2009 was the year I subscribed, and you have been my favourite YouTubers for as long as I can remember. I remember watching all those little vlogs you would do from 2008 and spending countless hours watching them. I remember watching your “The One Days” short films and not speaking a lick of that language, yet loving the story every time. That’s why I, along with the other million subscribers love about you so much; your creativity; your cinematography; your comedy; your dramas, your personality; your commitment. You’ve continued to impress me with every project you make, and I can only hope that you continue this amazing journey. Thanks for all your hard work, and congratulations! 

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